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James Jordan Middle School



1st Round Lottery February 11, 2020

* Results will be posted February 18, 2020

2nd Round Lottery March 17, 2020

* Results will be posted March 18, 2019

After March 12, 2020, 6:30 pm

 * Results will be posted March 24, 2020


JJMS Charter Element 8 Admission Requirements Section (D) #8


Students who are offered enrollment through the lottery or when a person on the waiting list is offered a space at the school, they shall be notified by phone (at least 3 attempts) and shall be given 48 hours to respond from the third phone call. Students who accept a place at JJMS must provide a completed enrollment packet within 10 business days of their acceptance. Failure to provide a completed enrollment packet within 10 business days will be seen as the parents changing their minds and declining the offered space.

Preference is extended to siblings of currently enrolled students, this would be any child who has the same legal guardian or parent of a currently enrolled JJMS student.


Preference is extended to the children of JJMS staff including teachers, paraprofessionals, classified staff, administrators and members of official councils (ELAC and SSC) and to the children of the JJMS Board of Trustees. This preference shall not exceed 10% of the total enrollment. The purpose of this preference is to maximize the availability of parents/guardians as part of the school community. Also, this preference allows parents/guardians who are often on campus to be in close proximity to their own children to allow easier execution of parental duties while minimizing the impact on school operations. For example, if a parent had to travel to another campus to pick up their student or to meet with a teacher, there would be a negative impact on the child, the parent and the operations of JJMS.


After that, preference is then given to students who reside within the attendance area of Winnetka Elementary or who are currently enrolled at Winnetka Elementary, and finally preference is given to students who reside within the boundaries of LAUSD.