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Parents » Incident Report

Incident Report

AKA: Non-UCP Complaint Form 
If you are an adult and you wish to have the JJMS staff respond to a concern or a complaint, please click on the link above to fill out the form using as many details as possible. Examples of the use of this form can be any of the following but are not just limited to the examples below.
This should be used for any situation where an adult feels another adult has behaved in an inappropriate or unprofessional manner and attention to the incident is needed.
This report can be used to alert JJMS staff to any concerns you have for the safety of your child or other children.
This form can also be used to report concerns with teaching practices. 
This form can be used with any incident that took place in a classroom. 
This link does not collect any identifying data. You may leave your name if you like but it is not a required question. The only staff with access to your submission is the administrative team. If they feel it is necessary to involve any other entities they will share the report. Thank you for your continued support in keeping our JJMS community safe. 
Student Incident Report
Every child involved in a disciplinary situation or reporting unprofessional behavior is expected to fill out an incident report. Incident Reports will be used to investigate situations prior to making a decision on a matter.