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Ms. Todd is going on her fourth year of teaching 7th Grade English Language Arts along with Science and History.  Prior to teaching middle school, she taught elementary school for seven years.  Ms. Todd earned her teaching credential from California Lutheran University after earning her B. A. from California State University at Northridge.  She was a scholar-athlete throughout her school years growing up.  
Tutoring Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays at lunch.  I am also available by appointment.


Recent Posts

1/27/17 Homework

Read Chapter 8 of Bud, Not Buddy and complete Cornell Notes.  Cornell Notes for chapters 5-8 due Monday, January 30th.
Point of View Narrative and Illustration due Monday, January 30th
Chapter 9 Aztec Civilization Quiz on Tuesday January 31st on vocabulary and basic facts.
Study Guide for Mesoamerica will be sent home on Monday, January 30th.  Test Friday, February 3rd.

Grade Reports

Grade Reports will be sent home Monday, January 30th and are due Wednesday, February 1st.  Please go over them and make plans to attend tutoring sessions. 
Tutoring is available Monday and Wednesday at lunch.


All late work is due by Friday, October 7th.  Saturday School is available this Saturday, October 8th.  Work completed at Saturday with tutor verification will be accepted.


Review week is next week.  If you have any late work including Study Island be sure to get it done.  Notify me via email or Study Island Make up Slip that you have completed on-line assignments.

Reminder: History Test Tuesday

Review Chapter 1 & 2 History study guide, packets for each chapter, and any other study tools you have created.

Reminder: Reading Test Friday

Review "Characters" and "Narrative Elements" study guide.  You can also use the interactive flashcards to help you study.