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We are only open from 7 am -11 am. We can take your calls during this time. Email info@jamesjordanms.com during any other time to have your questions answered.

Online Merit Store is now Available!!!!

There will be many opportunities for you to earn merits during Spring School and your teachers are working on creating ways to help you continue to earn merits in Q4.

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News Update for April 3, 2020 

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Spring Break News
Our merit store went live today! Please visit our school website to view the reward options. The students can use their merits to purchase food items that will be delivered to their home, virtual movie experiences, game boards, and virtual games. We are very excited to still be able to continue to provide students with reasons to earn merits! 

Grab and Go Meals 
Once again we have increased our meal order to 250! We are here from 7 am to 11 am.If you do not want to take out your children especially the toddlers just take a picture of your children and bring it with you on your phone or printed. 3 kids in the picture = 3 breakfast items and 3 lunch items. We give at least one individual carton of milk daily. 
Safety Precautions  
As we fight the COVID-19 virus, California’s leaders have given guidance about the rest of the school year.   As difficult as this is for us because we miss the students and the parents very much, JJMS will remain in online school mode for the rest of this school year.
We will continue to improve our program by creating more opportunities for students to work together online.  We will create online events that allow students to socialize. 
Save the date for our First Virtual General Parent Meeting Thursday, April 9, 2020, @ 5 pm in English @ 6 pm in Vietnamese @ 7 pm in Spanish. We will send you instructions on how to log in with your child’s account. You must use your child’s JJMS Gmail account to participate. 
The culmination will be an online event and when school reopens next year, we will host an in-person celebration and invite the 8th-grade students to return and celebrate together.
We are living through a major event in history. Thank you for working together to rise to the challenge of this emergency.
Special Thanks to all our parents who are essential workers and JJMS staff whose family members are essential workers. From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate the daily sacrifice you make in an effort to help our communities. On behalf of the administrative team, we wish you continued health!

Merit Store is now Available!!!!

How Does Spring School Work?

If you must attend Spring School to make up for an NC grade

a.) Each student choose one of these three times and commit to being online every day during those hours fromMonday 3/30 through Friday April 10th.
Shift One- 9am - 2:30 pm
Shift Two- 11am - 4:30 pm
Shift Three- 1:30pm - 7pm
b.) Each student was assigned a JJMS staff member that will be called Cohort Leader. An email that gives you the name and email for your specific Cohort Leader was sent to each student on Tuesday 3/31. Look for an email with the subject line : “Hello, I am your Cohort Leader”.
c.) Daily assignments will be posted on Google Classrooms. Look for the Google Classroom that says Spring School and has the Shift number that you chose. IF A STUDENT IS NOT SURE WHICH GOOGLE CLASSROOM TO USE, THE STUDENT SHOULD EMAIL THEIR COHORT LEADER. At the beginning of your online time, sign into your google classroom and start working on the assignments. If you don’t understand one of the assignments, send an email to your Cohort Leader and work on another assignment. All assignments must be completed by 9pm each night.
d.) During your shift hours, a JJMS staff member will contact you by phone or by email to review your assignments and help you finish your work. The staff member may call you at any time during those hours.

If your child has good grades and they signed up for Spring School they will complete schoolwork in exchange for merits. (We are no longer accepting applications for Spring School but there will be several opportunities during Spring Break for your kids to participate in various activities and earn merits)

You can also join the ALL JJMS STUDENTS WELCOME Google Classroom Page for non-academic interaction with staff and peers. It was emailed to you this week.


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Online Merit Store is now Available!!!!

There will be many opportunities for you to earn merits during Spring School and your teachers are working on creating ways to help you continue to earn merits in Q4.

School Closure and Online Learning

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