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Founder's Message


Middle School can be such a difficult time for kids. Middle School is a balancing point between being a little child and transforming into a young adult. This can be an emotional roller coaster that sets off just as the academic content becomes so much more challenging.
James Jordan Middle School was founded to help our children begin to transform into ethical, problem-solving adults who care about their community and want to make the world a better place for everyone. We believe that everyone on campus is a role model and that treating people with respect and compassion creates a place where students are willing to learn difficult new academic skills without fear of teasing or humiliation. Students in the middle grades can become so insecure and start to avoid anything that might result in failure. JJMS runs by a set of expectations that encourage students to take on challenges knowing that mistakes are part of the learning process.
We built our school on three ideas. These are pillars that support our vision of education.
Character:  Do what is right, not what is easy. Choose to be fair, compassionate, honest, and hard-working. Choose to think strategically about the impact your behavior will have on the world. Be strong when you are tempted to do something that you know isn't right. Be someone who would make a good boss or a great friend. Think before you act. Care before you choose. When you have a choice to make, go down the path that will make you proud of your life.
College: College opens doors and gives people the tools to have choices. We believe that middle school is far too young an age to decide that you aren't the college type. No matter what you decide to do later on, our mission is to give students the skills that they need to get a college degree. The skills you need to succeed in college will also be valuable in living in a complex world and making smart choices. Academics are important. We aren't training our students for minimum wage jobs, we are preparing them to be able to choose any career or profession.
Community:  Human beings are social creatures. Our lives are shaped by those who live around us. Our individual lives are better, happier, and more productive when we live in a community that has compassion and a sense of responsibility. We want our students to understand that who they are and what they choose to do has meaning and impact on everyone around them.  We want our students to feel that being an active part of a group, school, neighborhood, company, city, or nation is important and meaningful. Our students will believe that they matter and that the world is a better place because of them.
And so we ask you to join us on this journey. To choose to go to the school that will challenge and nurture you. Choose the school with the high expectations and the most dedicated teachers. Choose to help us make our school, city, nation, and world a better place with the highest expectations and tons of support and second chances. Choose James Jordan Middle School.

Myranda S. Marsh, Ed.D.

Executive Director/Founder