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Our office is now OPEN! We are open from 8 am -3 pm. We can assist in person or you can always call. Email info@jamesjordanms.com during any other time to have your questions answered.

General Parent Meeting Agendas

6/7th grade General Parent Meeting 

We apologize about the cut-off introduction

Q & A 

April 9, 2020, 1st Virtual Parent Meeting

(Refer to the PDF for pictures)

Q4 Online Education

When does the next quarter start

How will the online classes work? 

In regards to next week, will the classes be online, will the virtual classes be on zoom or will it be like last week?

Will teachers have live classrooms for the students? 

How are you verifying that the kids are actually connected? How will you prove attendance? 

Are students expected to submit the attendance form on Fridays? 

Do they need to be connected for 3 hours straight

Are teachers supposed to provide the assignments by a specific time?

Are the students gonna be tested and if they are how would it work?

How are the students being graded?

For the kids that need extra time

For the kids that need extra time, are their assignments still due at 9pm?

Would they be able to make up/re due to their work?

How can students fix NCs, especially if NCs are in Math and students need more help? 

Are the i-Ready assignments part of the grades?

How can you submit assignments that are completed from the agenda? 

I received a message about picking up a book on Friday, What is this book? 

Q4 starts MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2020 

Students are expected to log-in to their Google Classroom pages every day. They view the agenda and turn in their attendance. Students have a list of assignments that they must complete

Classes will be online using various forums, like zoom and Google hangouts

Yes, a live class will take place during the AM shift and that same class will be offered during a PM shift. Students are required to join one or the other or both if they missed something. 

Students are required to check the agenda/work for the day and fill out the attendance Form before 12pm EVERYDAY. This is the way we will keep track of attendance. Form: https://forms.gle/4eamntM7kFzuWMCM7 

If your child is not logging in the Parent support staff will contact the parent to let them know.

Yes, every day!


As long as students are completing the work with 70% accuracy they do not have to sit and connect for 3 hours straight. 

Teachers are supposed to provide assignments by 9am the day the assignment is due. For Thursday's work, the work will be posted by Wednesday 9pm (the day before).

Yes, students will have Individual Accountability Assessments or IAAS. The structure of the IAAs will vary from teacher to teacher. The value of an IAA has changed from 70% to 50% in most subjects. Test dates vary based on topics covered. Students will be notified in advance of test. 


Students are being graded for accuracy of the assignment. There may be some occasions that they are given credit or extra credit for participating in live classroom meetings. 


Students will be given assignments from Monday-Thursday. Assignments are due every day by 9pm. Any students who need extra time should email their teachers directly with the reason why they need extra time. Friday will be used as a make-up day. Teachers will not be available but the entire support staff team will be available.


Students will be able to make up or redo assignments. The assignments can only be made up for up to 70% (includes IAA).

Students are able to make up assignments. There are always JJMS staff members available to help students. The entire JJMS team has been divided into groups to provide additional support to children. The child must connect with the JJMS staff member. Visit jamesjordanms.com for the chart and names of the staff. Staff is available from 9 am to 7 pm

Yes, the assigned i-Readys are part of the grade. If a child chooses to do more than the minimum assigned they can email Ms. Alvarado with the names and scores of the i-Ready Green lesson that they did and she will give them merits for each i-Ready completed BUT they must complete the minimum required by their teachers. 

Submitting assignments depends on what online resources they are using. Parents will know if it’s being done based on student grades.

This message was just for 6th graders who still needed their Ironbox book. If your child has not picked it up, it will be mailed to their homes. They will be responsible for picking up anything they missed. 

Google Classroom 

Is there a way to copy parents' emails when you guys are emailing our kids so we are aware when we are working?


Are all the assignments through Google Classroom?


Why were all the Google Classrooms from the past removed from student accounts? 

Yes, It is called Google Classroom Guardians and Guardian Summaries!

Guardians or you the parents are assigned to your student and can opt to receive either daily or weekly emails that list announcements, assignments, and most importantly, a list of missing work that your child hasn't turned in yet.  Also, from my understanding, guardians are NOT able to contact/message anyone else in the classroom except for their child or the teachers.

Please email one of your child’s teachers to be added to Google Classroom


Google classroom is a central location, however, teachers are using various sites. Ex. i-Ready, Study Island, Edulastic, Edupuzzle, Readworks, their own sites, etc. 


The previous Google Classroom pages were removed from student accounts to ensure that your child would not be confused about which classroom to visit to get their work. They should now only have the Section number for Q4 Google Classroom page and the All Students page. 

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) 

Will we still have IEP meetings?

IEP meetings have continued to take place using phone conferencing services. We are working on a specific video conferencing platform for IEP meetings. cruz@jamesjordanms.com can provide you with more details about your child’s IEP. 

An email and letter (USPS) were sent to parents whose child has an IEP. Please review and respond accordingly.

State Testing 

What is going to happen with state testing? 


Will the reclassification test be in an online format? 

State testing has been officially canceled this includes

  • SBAC - Math and English Language Arts
  • ELPAC- Test administered to English Learners
  • CAST- Science testing 

Reclassification testing such as ELPAC has been canceled for the year. If anything changes or if there are other means of reclassification we will let the parents of EL students know. 

Section Changes & Promotion 

Will students be switching next quarter? How do I know if my kids will stay in the same section or move?

How are we going to know if my kid will pass for the next grade? 

How will I know if my child is passing the subjects or assignments? How will I know the grades they received for their homework? 

How will I know if my child is doing the work and doing it well? 

The only section changes will be in honors sections or if required by an IEP. 


The amount of units to move on to the next grade level has not changed. If you are concerned about your child’s promotion or culmination status please email an alvarado@jamesjordanms.com or lara@jamesjordanms.com

Log on to PowerSchool to view your child’s grades. The grades will be updated on a weekly basis by Friday. Parents should be able to log in on Saturday or Sunday and have a good idea of how your child is doing.


Our teaching staff has committed to having the grades updated on a weekly basis, which means the parents and students will have a clear idea of how they are doing on their assignments.  


How do I put the first and last name?

Is Zoom safe or is it still being hacked? 

(Refer to the PDF for pictures)

Click participants 

This will appear on the right-hand side

Scroll over the name and click 

This will appear, click Rename

Then this will appear, type the new name

Click Rename and you're done!



Our staff is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our students. We do not publicize our Zoom links to the public. Our teachers use waiting rooms to ensure that only the students meant to join the class are in the video conference. We have a backup option for video conferencing if we do not feel that it will be safe. 

Google Hangouts 

How can we block google hangout?


They are only allowed to talk to kids and staff from JJMS on google hangout?

Are we allowed to share media through google hangouts

(Refer to the PDF for pictures)


If your child is having issues with other students disrespecting them on Google Hangouts please fill out an incident report https://forms.gle/ZeH57d8Zit8zhLUL6 or email brooks@jamesjordanms.com directly. 

The JJMS team will be able to see the communication between students. 

This is how you block users on hangout. 

Click on the person, ex. 

Then on the gear that appears on the right-hand side.

The menu below appears, click on Block 




While using the @jamesjordanms.com domain students are only allowed to receive communication from other JJMS users.




Using the bottom of the hangouts message you can click on the square with two mountain peaks icon to send media messages such as pictures and videos.


Is the page dedication still available for the yearbook?

Will we still be able to buy yearbooks? Can you order the yearbook online?

What will happen with the yearbooks that have already been paid? 

Please send questions about the yearbook to ramos@jamesjordanms.com

Ms. Ramos will send out information about yearbooks to students by Wednesday, April 15, 2020

It is our intent to offer this possibility but we must connect with the vendor to see if they will allow us to increase the number of pages and amounts already ordered. 

JJMS staff will start working on reimbursement of some sort. Parents may wish to have the money to go towards a dedication page. If parents are so inclined they can also donate the money for the student store.


Are you still going to give out the Deanslist every Thursday?

No, we will no longer issue Deanslist. Parents should check PowerSchool for their child’s grades.

Online Merit Store 

If my son is doing spring school can he still get stuff on the online merit store?

What happens to the merits if my child doesn't want to use them?

How can my child earn more merits?


How do you know how many merits my son will have?

How do you know how many merits my son will have? How do students know their current merit points? How can they check how many merits they have?

Can my child switch dress passes for merits?


What can students earn with their merits? 

Yes! Students can redeem merits at any time. Depending on what they purchase delivery will vary.

Merits are reset at the beginning of the year every year.

There will be various ways publicized on how kids can earn merits. Joining some of their teacher's live sessions,  participating in spirit events, participating in staff lead events, talent show, trivia, ensuring parents participating in general parent meetings, etc.

Students need to check Deanslist. If your child forgets their Deanslist information please email brooks@jamesjordanms.com

 If students or parents do not know how many merits their kids have they will have to log into Deanslist to check this number. 


Student can bring their merits to school from 7am -11am to exchange each unused free dress pass for 50 points.


Students should visit our online store on our website. 


It will be closed and reopened every two weeks. This is done to add new items and remove unpopular items.

Unsure of the questions

Are you guys gonna redeem homework classes? 

When will the tables be returned? and where?

We were unsure of the questions but would like to address it so that if it still has not been answered we can answer it. Feel free to email info@jamesjordanms.com to provide us an explanation. We gave it our best shot below.

Classes will have IAA and Classwork. Merits may be given for some assignments but only in special cases

Our student's computers will be returned once the social distancing order is lifted and we have been cleared to return to school. The first day back the students will bring their computers to the school. 8th graders will be asked to bring back their computers towards the end of June.

Tech problems 

How can I put the camera on my child’s computer? 

Do you have a way to see what sites our students use and at what time? 

My child cannot log in to see his assignments.


My work was turned in and the teachers did not get the work. 

Do you guys still have computers so I can go pick one up and what time if so? 

Do you think it’s necessary to exchange the school computer if the camera is not working but we can hear you? We are not able to take pictures. 

If your child is using a JJMS computer we provided the following videos via email to help them. 


Yes, IF a student is using a JJMS computer we are able to see email exchanges, hangout conversations, and search history on the computer, including time. 

It is possible that your child forgot his log-in info and password. They must email ramos@jamesjordanms.com for this information. If your child is having technical issues with their computer they must notify their teacher right away so that we can get technical support to help them. Waiting to notify the staff will not excuse them from turning in an assignment late. 


If you feel like you have turned in work and it is not appearing as submitted, you must notify your teacher immediately. If it can be photographed and emailed to your teacher we suggest you do that. 


Yes, if you need a compute or perfer your child uses a JJMS issued computer you can pick one up from 7am -11am Monday - Friday. We ask that you email coachalvarado@jamesjordanms.com so that his crew can prepare your computer for checkout. 

Yes! It is important that students have a computer that allows them to take pictures of their work and video conference with their teachers. 


I would like to know about how the culmination will happen?

How do we know if our child will culminate? 


Is there still a field trip to Seaside lagoon? 

It is the intent of the administrative team to have some kind of online recognition ceremony for the 8th-grade culminating class. It is also their intent to have an in-person ceremony once social gatherings are permitted to recognize each student in person. The JJMS administrative team will meet in the coming weeks to start preliminary plans. The 8th-grade teaching team will organize a parent meeting to help distribute the information.

If your child was in danger of not culminating you should be aware of this through two ways: 

  1. They have been receiving culmination standing documents every quarter with this message. You would have had to sign these forms.
  2. Your child has several NCs and has not successfully fixed the grades during intersession. 

No, unfortunately, given the social distancing orders and ban on large gatherings places like Seaside lagoon are not allowed to operate.

General Questions 

Do I have to sign in on a different computer if two or more of my kids go to JJMS? 

I have two kids, are they are both getting merits?

Do you have any idea of when students will return to classes or what will happen? 

Do we need to return the signed report card grades? 

What happens if students have NCs? Will there be Summer school? 

Are you all going to call and let us know if our child needs Spring School? 

Will Saturday School be available? 

No, just one sign-in is necessary. You can fill in the names of your other children in the chat section.

During Parent meetings, it’s important that a parent puts both names in the Chat area so that both students will get merits for having helped ensure their parent attends the parent meeting


The JJMS team is preparing to provide your children with a quality education in an online format for the remainder of the school year. We will follow the guidelines of state and local officials. We are cautious of setting a date in an effort to avoid giving our students false hope. If anything changes and we are allowed to go back to the campus prior to June 12 we will do so and will celebrate our return.

If you are visiting the school to pick up food from 7am-11am we would appreciate it if you could drop off signed report cards. You can also sign the report card, take a picture and send the picture to garcia@jamesjordanms.com.


There will be many forms of checks and help for students to try to avoid NCs. If your child is not doing their work they will not pass the quarter. 

Yes, JJMS will have Summer School.

We called the parents of every child that was Mandatory or Recommended for Spring School. If parents did not answer we attempted SEVERAL calls, text, and when available emails to parents to alert them that their child needed Spring School. 

Saturday school staff is available for Diagnostic testing. If a staff member does not have students taking the diagnostic they will be allowed to consult with students about makeup work. Fridays will now work like Saturdays. It’s make up day or the day for students who progress through work at a slower pace.

Meal Distribution 

Can I pick the food for my nieces and nephews that attend other schools?

Yes, food pick up is open to the public. We just need you to have a picture of all the children that are 17 and under and be prepared to give us their names.